Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Study, study, and study" Michael Haake's 1st blog

Today in my freshman transition class we learned about some important tips to succeeding in college.  The first important thing to know is how to deal with stress and how to keep a positive attitude.  The second college tip is to take care of things early (such as buying books, parking passes, and contacting your new professor) to ensure a smooth start to your college life.  Finally remember that success coincides with studying.  I thought that class today was pretty straight forward and I wasn't really in a dire need to ask a question.  However, throughout class today I was amazed with Dr. Rice's godly beard, so I guess that my question today would be: "Do you have any tips on beard growing for an amateur facial hair grower?"

-Michael Haake


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Rich said...

Excellent post, Michael. Very good complete sentences. That's something to always do in your informal and formal writing in college. That's the second thing teachers will see; the first thing they see is spelling and grammar.

Yes, good tips, like buying books and passes early. That really helps with scheduling classes. When that comes around, which will be very soon for Spring classes, jump on it. That's why having the 4-year plan (homework for next week) is important. Puts you in a position to know what you need right away.

Recently my beard has started to turn gray. I'm getting old I guess. I suppose if you shave a lot it grows faster...

I look a lot younger without a beard. I think this is why some younger teachers will grow them--that and wearing ties and jackets. Certainly it's professional, but it also commands more authority. Students and teachers always have to figure out the professional relationship in order to maximizing learning.